Eagle’s Retreats

Eagle’s Retreats is nestled atop of traditional Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna on the shores of majestic lake Atitlán. The guiding essence in the adventure of crafting the space and it’s detail is that of enabling greatness and inner freedom. Sprinkling metaphors that infuse ideas and feelings that allow an unfolding within.

Having recently completed the space in 2017, Eagle’s Retreats is honored to be partnering with Momentom Collective, to offer San Marcos, Atitlán and world travelers its residential circus art experiences & classes.

Le Studio de yoga Wanderlust Montreal 

Le studio de yoga Wanderlust was created with the desire to offer unique vinyasa; harmonizing creative sequencing, physical and spiritual challenge, and precise alignment. The studio offers a union between invigorating yoga, inspired from a yoga studio in New York City, and of music that we hear at Wanderlust festivals.

Wanderlust Festival’s mission is to help you find your true north — to cultivate your best self.

Acroyoga Montreal

AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. The application of bandhas (internal locks) dristi (gaze) ujiay breath (sounded breath) and vinyasa flow (synchronization of movement with breath) to a partner acrobatic practice gave birth to Acro Yoga. Acroyoga is a contemporary aesthetic that knows no boundaries or forms yet represents the body in motion in all its expressions. Momentom teachers are certified by Acro Yoga Montreal and work with Acroyoga organizations to teach Acroyoga in festivals.

Imagine 360 

Imagine 360 are leaders in Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality and 360 Videos. As a multimedia organization creating the highest quality, Imagine 360 teams have been taking video graphic and photographic content to create incredible experiences for our viewers.

Studio CirQus

Sister organization, Studio CirQus, is Momentom’s base in Montreal. One of the founders of Projet CirQus which looks at bringing circus and yoga into schools and refugee camps, CirQus has been a great source of inspiration. Today, CirQus has offered aerial classes to over 1000+ students in Montreal and is a pioneer at making circus arts accessible to non-professionals.

Barrio Planta Project 

Barrio Planta Project empowers the children and youth of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and surrounding areas through free supplementary schooling that instills creativity, enhances confidence, and facilitates international communication. Momentom Collective has had the opportunity to partner with BPP and teach circus and yoga classes to local kids.

Colours of Connection

Established in 2010, Colors of Connection is an organization working with youth and public arts that enables connections between people and communities through creative expression. Colors of Connection envisions a world where the arts are universally accessible and celebrated. Our mission is to nurture hope, cultivate well-being, and promote development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art.

Performers Without Borders (PWB) 

PWB teach performing arts to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty. With circus encompassing a wide range of disciplines, Momentom Collective has toured with artists from Performers without Borders and some of the collective members have applied to take part of the 2017.

Salty Souls

With a team of passionate strong women, Momentom Collective has been inspired on countless occasions with the way these souls offer vibrant & ambitious girls the opportunity to travel, explore, and find – or refine – their definition of living with purpose. Connecting with them, Momentom Collective has put forth trainings in circus arts for these women

Isleta Ikaria

Ikaria is a private island located 20 minutes away from the beautiful city of Granada, on lake Nicaragua. IKARIA, is surrounded not only by water, but the sound of howler monkeys and white herons, and astonishing views of volcanoes and other islands in the middle of the lake.

Enjoy a large pool, dorm rooms with private bathroom and private balconies facing the volcano, a full kitchen, hammocks, kayaks, mango trees, coconut trees and one of the best sunsets in Nicaragua.

Ikaria is honored to partner with Momentom Collective in 2018 and into the future.