Momentom Collective offers a unique experience in the corporate atmosphere though half-day team building workshops in Acro and Yoga. Conducted in a large, bright, fully equipped studios or inside your own business, Momentom workshops are led by well known Montreal artists and experienced certified teacher.

Tailored to suit needs of any business, our team building program encourages members to recognize the process by which the self integrates into and impacts the larger entity. The workshops starts with the practice of YOGA which builds mindfulness, self-awareness and peace of mind, and leads into ACROYOGA practices which boosts community-building and team working by working with others to achieve goals. This sequence serves to bolster self- efficacy, individual and general group well-being and enhance social capacities.
Strong teamwork is key to success in any enterprise. Our workshops curates a positive and productive work environment by boosting employee morale, teamwork, and overall synergy at the work place. Our objective is to develop creativity, intuition, team building, communication, collaboration, and out of the box thinking.


  • Yoga class [30 minutes]
  • Communication exercises and fun games designed to relax people and help them to feel comfortable around each other. [1 hour]
  • Acro yoga workshop [1 hour]
  • Thai Massage cool down and meditation [30 mins]



AcroYoga is a partner practice that combines the dynamism of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the restorative well being of Thai massage. These three disciplines are fused together into an integrated and progressive activity known as “AcroYoga”. At its heart, AcroYoga is a community practice.



There are three roles in AcroYoga: base, flyer and spotter. Each role has specific responsibilities that can relate back to any organizational structure. Success in any posture requires communication, clarity and receptiveness from all three.

Base: The base leads in AcroYoga. This role can help business leaders embody leading with compassion, steadiness and clarity and build trust with flyers.

Flyers: Flyers can be seen as the creatives of a company. With solid leadership from the base and help from the spotter, who might represent a business support function, the creatives are freed up to accomplish great things.

Spotter: The spotter can also act as coach and assistant. The spotter is often the unsung hero in this dynamic, keeping both flyer and base working together and facilitating them to achieve their goals.

Acroyoga’s distinct roles demonstrate the value of having each member focus on their role and how this leads to the team’s success. Having employees interchange roles help reduce ambiguity and foster understanding of the importance of structure and the chain of interdependence in a business. and the value of having each member focus on their own role in the team’s success.



This emphasizes the importance of clear objectives and individual and team goals. Team members communicate to identify ways to complete a sequence or posture, and when they fall, discuss the reason for the success and failure. They then start again until they meet the goal. . This is intended to strengthen motivation and foster a sense of ownership.



AcroYoga is not always easy. To achieve sequences, the team must work together to set goals and conquer challengers which boosts critical thinking and teamwork.

  • CMW build self-awareness and peace of mind through yoga as the foundation;
  • CMW promote a respectful and effective communication;
  • CMW improve emotional, mental and physical balance;
  • CMW reveal the participants’ creative potential and stimulate their imagination.
  • CMW build up team spirit, trust and self-confidence;
  • CMW empower participants as they perform partner acrobatics poses never done before;
  • CMW increase energy level and reduce fatigue.
  • CMW reduce team members’ role ambiguity
  • CMW set up the bases of a positive, productive and stress-free environment.
  • CMW build effective working relationships
  • CMW promote critical thinking by finding solutions to meet team challenges;
  • CMW boost morale as they suse creativity to solve problems efficiently andcreatively
  • CMW develops support-based skills as well as leadership skills.
  • CMW help paticipants see the bigger picture as well as present moment;
  • CMW foster openness to new ideas
  • CMW Promote better communication, trust and respect
  • CMW Improve office morale by getting to know their working peers in a light environment;
  • CMW develops confidence in expressing oneself;
  • CMW helps curate for more positive work productivity and staff satisfaction and retention.

Half Day [3 hours]
1 – 12 participants $1000
each additional participant $ 60

Note: workshop expenses are tax-deductible for professional development
Note: Above fees do not include taxes.