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In these Terms and Conditions; Momentom Collective means the Momentom Collective Sociedad (J0310000323577) and You means you, the person acquiring goods and services from Momentom Collective.

These Terms and Conditions can be amended by Momentom Collective at any time. Reasonable effort will be made to inform clients of changes. Notification of changes may be made via email, published on our website, social media and in signage and announcements.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions is a condition of participation in our projects and services. Continued use of Momentom Collective services and/or payment of service is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
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In voluntarily attending services with Momentom Collective, you agree that you are undertaking a form of exercise which has inherent risk of injury. You agree that neither you, your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Momentom Collective or its members for any personal injury or property damage/loss, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

A waiver form must be completed prior to your first attendance to any activity, class, workshop or stay with Momentom Collective, by completing and signing this form you are agreeing to Momentom Collective’s conditions of participation and term agreement.

All sales are final. Momentom Collective does not offer refunds on services or products for change of mind, user error, or any other reason. In the instance of, injury, illness, change of address Momentom Collective reserves the right to review each case and will request official supporting documentation (e.g. a medical certificate).

Momentom Collective may take photos and/or filming at any class, workshop, Retreat, Artist Residency or YTT. This footage may then be used for marketing and social media purposes as well as the production of online materials. Please advise us if you do not wish to have your image used for these purposes.


Cancellations made 90 days or more before Momentom Collective residency or retreat start dates, will receive a refund of the full amount (minus the non-refundable deposit). Refunds will not be made for cancellations less than 30 days prior to departure.

Momentom Collective holds no responsibility for missed and delayed flights or missed transfers. No refunds or alternatives will be made for any part of the Retreat not attended as a result.

Momentom Collective reserves the right to change or cancel a retreat or Artist Residency if insufficient bookings have been received. In the event of an alteration or cancelation, every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience by offering an alternative solution.

Momentom Collective reserves the right to cancel or terminate a guest for any form of serious misconduct to the community or for behavior that disrupts the stay of other guests.


It is your responsibility to organise appropriate travel and health insurance. You should ensure that your insurance has the relevant cover for you to participate in aerial classes, fitness activities and any other activities that may be included in the retreat you have chosen.

Travel insurance is a requirement for all retreat attendees.


Momentom Collective take aerial safety very seriously. While much of our footage is taken in risky settings, we have our team of experienced riggers determine safe places to set up. We do not recommend rigging from trees, uncertified beams or without a crashpad and by doing so, you are acting under your own risk.

Some general guidelines to keep yourself safe in the air:

▪    Always climb with a partner
▪    Always stretch and warm up appropriately
▪    Always use a crash pad
▪    Always use proper rigging with proper equipment and properly rated rigging points
▪    never climb outside of your comfort limits

Momentom Artist Residencies are equipped with professional aerial rigs, hardware, apparatus and crashpads.

Momentom Collective strongly recommends that any one using any of our equipment seeks the proper professional training for rigging their own apparatus as well as the proper aerial training!


Momentom Collective take fire safety very seriously and we only light up with professional artisans on hand and a designated fire safety lead with fire safety blanket.

It is your sole responsibility to seek adequate information and education to spin fire. Momentom Collective recommends that you seek appropriate information and education about your fire tools, the environment that you spin in, the fuel that you use, and the existing fire laws in your area.

Tools should be inspected before and after each burn. Inspect the wicks to be sure that they are stable still and will not fall off during the next burn. Inspect any bolts, chains or any parts that can possibly disconnect or break due to repeated burning. Tools should always be stored with no remaining fuel on them in an enclosed container somewhere that they can’t be damaged while not in use.

Fire should be spun only in an appropriate location on a non-flammable surface (ie not on carpet or dry grass). Always be aware of objects over head. Be certain to be at least 10’ or 2 1/3 m away from people and at least 50’ or 16 2/3 m away from any flammable liquids or the fueling station.

Momentom Collective recommends only using 3 fuels:

1. White gas: White gas burns the brightest and the hottest out of the 3 fuels that we recommend. it is highly flammable, burns the fastest, and will ignite in the form of a puddle. When doing a spin out with white fuel it makes the least mess out of the 3 fuels that we recommend. the fuel burns fast enough to not leave any residue on the floor when you spin out, thus not leaving a slippery mess on the floor. Out of the 3 fuels that we recommend, this fuel has the biggest flame and the least amount of soot and smoke.

2. Kerosene: This fuel we have found is the easiest fuel to find internationally. Although it is extremely smoky and produces the most soot of the 3 fuels, it is also the cheapest. It has a medium size flame, burns very slowly, and has a medium temperature. When spinning out this fuel leaves a trail of slippery fuel residue on the floor that can potentially be hazardous to perform on.

3 .Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil: UPPLO will not ignite unless it is on a wick or is sprayed in the form of a mist as you would breathing fire. This fuel is the least bright burning of the 3 and also burns the longest. It has the smallest flame size and is the coolest burning of the 3. This is the only fuel source that Momentom Collective recommends for fire breathing!

Fueling station should be at least 50’ or 16 2/3 meters away from the fire ring or spinning area. Lids should be reapplied to all fuel cans and dip buckets before the spinner walks away from the station. No smoking or open flames within 15’ or 3 meters of the fueling station. there should always be a light illuminating the station at all times. There should always be a funnel, a dip can with a lid, and a light source in your fuel station kit.

When spinning fire you should always have a designated fire safety person. This person is responsible for watching the spinner throughout their entire spin. The safety should be equipped with a fire safety blanket, (a non-synthetic blanket) a fire extinguisher, and a bucket of water. The fire safety person is responsible for making sure that the spinner’s clothing does not catch on fire during their spin. Occasionally the clothing of the spinner will get a bit of flame transferred onto it from a freshly-fuelled wick. The safety person is responsible for counting to seven when this occurs and if the flame does not go out by it self then the safety person is in charge of cueing the spinner that he/she is on fire by saying the word orange. This alerts the spinner that they are on fire without alarming others around. The safety may also take other measures by coming and putting the flame out with the fire safety blanket.

The second duty of the fire safety is to put out the spinners props of they finish their routine before their props are done burning. The spinner may drop the prop causing something else to catch on fire, which is also a responsibility of the fire safety person to put out. The spinner may be using numerous props during a routine entailing the safety to put out props for the spinner upon request. The fire safety should be at a minimum of 50’ or 16 2/3 meters away from the fueling station.