Be the change you want to see in the world.

We are currently on an adventure of putting action behind words, making dreams come true and bringing light to marginalized communities. Our tour is a self funded project by Momentom Collective and we have launched a fundraiser to help us on our quest. Additional funding will grant us with enough to leave gifts at refugee camps, community centres, schools and to prolong our efforts.

Thank you for the time reading and sharing our mission.

METAMORPHOSIS  [ 2016 Tour  ]

NOUN. a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.

A community of 16 movement artists, from different backgrounds and levels of practice joining forces to create and choreograph a conscious circus show on the road. Training time, workshops for improvement and knowledge & skills sharing together in order to give collective birth to an inspiring and mindful piece of art. It is a traveling circus on the road down to Nicaragua. Under the concept of Metamorphosis, we allow for transformation to happen from the inside out [a metaphorical cocoon] with yoga as well as outside in with performance of circus arts. Using community as a strength to grow and offer support physically, technically, psychologically, creatively and emotionally. This is our dream come true, to literally run away with the circus. At the end of our tour, a beautiful butterfly will emerge as our traveling circus show, Metamorphosis. The show will go on tour through Central America and will be submitted to festivals throughout North America, Europe and Australia. All of our bus participants, Ambassadors and Artists in Residence in Nicaragua will have the opportunity to tour with us. But we’re not all for show. Along the route, as an initiative of the social branch of Momentom Collective and Studio CirQus, Project CirQus, we will stop at schools and community centres to teach yoga and circus art to disadvantaged communities.

NOV 16 – 20th
NOV 20 – 21st
NOV 22 – 28th
NOV 29th – DEC 7th
DEC 5 – 17th
DEC 17 – 18th
DEC 19 – 28th
DEC 29th – JAN 1st
Watch the METAMORPHOSIS story unfold on Instagram #momentomcircusbus #metamorphosisontour
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Watch the METAMORPHOSIS story unfold on Youtube

Meet our ride.

Hola Carmel.

Carmel is owned by Reno local Shawn, and Aussies Mick & Klara who visit the U.S. each year to weather the high desert playa of Black Rock, to install the large-letter inspirational word series, art with intention. These three champions stepped in to donate Carmel when the logistics of insuring our first bus turned into mission impossible. They are nothing short of contemporary heroes and the Metamorphosis tribe are nothing short of stoked with our new wheels!

Carmel is a vintage and we had to arrange some repairs to make her suitable for the long trip. We’ve set up a Donation link for anyone wanting to show their support to financially help with the repairs and to keep the dream alive!

Meet our artists.

Alissa Bonneville

Meet Alissa. Let’s say, in many ways, she’s crazy about circus. Here’s why.
After graduating from a program called Leisure Therapy in Montreal, she backpacked for years creating leisure-based social programs and patiently analyzing the effects of human relations on people and communities. It was while on Easter Island that she encountered her first silk, and worked with locals to offer the Rapa Nui their first circus aerial performance and workshop. Having found her passion at last, she studied circus arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Upon returning to Quebec, she worked for a year as a social aid worker, using leisure as a therapeutic tool in an effort to combat the social isolation that plagued over 200 patients suffering from mental illness or addictions. She used this to fuel her own project: Studio CirQus which rose from the desire to use circus arts as a form of leisure therapy in order to enable participants to derive not only the physical benefits of aerial fitness but the mental health benefits of social interactions innate to the circus world.

Evelyn Coulson

This red head kiwi goddess originates from NZ and is passionate about movement and all things circus! Evelyn wants to change the belief that “to make it” in this world you have to do it alone and be so busy that you have no time to breathe. She wants to live in a world that doesn’t glorify the busy lifestyle as being the image of success. To Evelyn, life is a dance, not something that should be viewed as having certain milestones that must be achieved. She performs beautifully on the aerial hoop as well as the hula hoop.
Have a glimpse of her talents here: Cirqua Zerna 2016

Frederic Martineau

Fred is a 26 year old from Quebec, trained firefighter and founder of (at)FEROS Productions, Fred is currently a nomad stage and sound operator, shows and events coordinator & animator for children. For Fred, the call for fire dancing comes from deep inside. He has been manipulating fire for 5 years and is excited for the adventure to come.
Find Fred on Facebook
Artistic portfolio

Gabrielle Bonneville

A yoga afficionada and with a family in the circus, Gabrielle teaches acrobatics and choreographs performances through a base of introspection and yogic philosophy. Using the lyra as her main aerial prop, she pairs her performances with her identical twin sister to create an artistic representation of movement by twins.

With a masters degree in peace and conflict resolution, Gabrielle is in charge of all performances in community centres and refugee camps along the way. She works hand in hand with international organizations to make this happen.

Jasmine St Jacques

Jasmine is passionate about exploration. She loves to use her discoveries to help transform and grow; sharing her values to help others empower and nourish lives that are limitless. Her road to health and wellness developed during an extended period of world travel.

Kaylie Kreatrix

This brunette Violinist from Canada, Kaylie, was a performer since she was 7 years old, and has let circus arts drive her around life journeys. At ease like a bird in the tree, she flies on aerials as well as plays with the fire element on the ground. Her specialty is Buugeng and she cannot wait to share with you. When asked if she had one wish to change the world she responds: “I would give purposeful education to all children. Everyone would have access to school, and not the restricting spirit-dampening school that many people in the west attend, but school that taught meaningful things like meditation, compassion, and permaculture.”

Laura Drepeau

Clownesque and stilt walking Laura from Quebec was so enthusiastic about the trip we had to mark a spot for her. With the intentions of bettering herself as a circus performer, she insisted we let her take part of the dream. This amount of determination and will seduced us immediately. If Laura could make a change in this world, she would host a large scale world meditation for a whole month, while inter trading the task of cooking for people meditating.

Melissa Tennant

Gifted Energy healer, talented massage therapist and yoga instructor from Colorado; Melissa has the sexiest bald head you will ever see. We met her in Nicaragua last winter and have been in love with her since.

Noemi Love

Noemi was born and raised in Montreal. She has always dwelled within the realm of artistry. She has danced Flamenco from 3 – 13 and has participated in various high school theatrical productions, which led her to Dawson college’s Musical Theatre Program in 2009. Self taught Musician and Vocalist, she has by now composed 9 originals with her ukulele. Noemi has worked as a social & community Leader With Centre Des Jeunes L’Escale, and other youth centers, Summer camps, Festivals, Six Flags, and Schools. Circus came into Noemi’s life at the age of 22, and it wasn’t util 2013 that she was initiated as an Aerialist with Cirque Hors Piste, which literally launched her to new heights. She has evolved exponentially within the last 3 years, as an Aerial Silks performer and instructor. She looks forward to sharing her many skills with other enthusiasts, and unlocking new levels of circus games through exploration and play.

Ryan Young

Ryan is Melissa’s nomadic gypsy cousin from Colorado. He is a seasoned chaser of conscious yoga, sustainable circus and transformational festival experiences. For Ryan it’s all about the flow state. The state of total relaxation and awareness all at once. Being completely balanced, whether alone or with another in the same space. Ryan likes to remind us of this truth : “As we let our own light shine,
 we unconsciously give other people
 permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, 
our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson

Sincere Leigh

Sister of heart, the collective met Sincere first at Envision 2016 and again in our Artist Residency. Sincere is a fairy goddess especially when she dances in the sky. The turquoise silks she flies compliments her mesmerizing pair of eyes. With an actress background from LA, we are in this for good laughs. With a mantra name like Sincere, you can only learn to be the most honest and authentic person. Spending this adventure with her sounds like  a treat.

Stephanie Belanger

Meet Stephanie, a professional stilt walker and social clown with a BAC in theatre and ATS in Artistic Production. With creative vision, she will be helping on the artistic direction of our show as well as capturing the moments of our story in film and producing a one of a kind documentary. We’re honoured to have this Quebecan on board!

Therese Lowton

An angel fallen from the Australian sky, Therese is a digital nomad and genius graphic designer. You cant stop this beauty from climbing towards new heights and dancing in the sky. Her grace of the silks, feminine strength on the Corde Lisse and poise in communication will captivate you instantly. She is the oxygen to our fire.

Meet our route.

With a last minute change in bus, our accommodation situation has changed and we will be looking for generous hosts to open the door to their spare room for a couple of nights en route. We can bring you yoga & circus classes, performances, and home cooked meals as a token of gratitude in return.

Nov 12 – 15  [ Reno ]
Nov 16 – 22 [ Lake Tahoe ]
Nov 23 – 28 [ San Francisco ]
Nov 28 – Dec 5  [ San Diego ]
Dec 5 – 20  [ Mexico ]
Dec 20 – Jan 1  [ Guatemala ]
Jan 1 – 10  [ Nicaragua ]

If you are interested in setting up a collaboration with Metamorphosis, please get in touch.

Missed the bus?

Don’t stress, we have opportunities for action in abundance!

Consider joining us at the end of our bus tour in Nicaragua with our Artist Residency program. We already have a number of performances lined up as well as teaching opportunities to residents of the house, tour groups, locals and humanitarian work in local community centres and schools.


Don’t have time to join our Artist Residency?

Join our Yoga and Circus Retreat in April.


Is your heart still set on the bus tour?

Apply today to be considered for the bus tour in 2017.

Ever wanted to run away with the circus?

Each year, Momentom Collective and Project CirQus will be launching a conscious traveling bus tour of North and Central America. A select group of circus artists will be accepted to join the tour leaving Reno, traveling South through Mexico & Guatemala and ending with a bang in sunny Nicaragua. Our stops include yoga centres, ecological communities, transformative festivals and circus training centres.

The trip includes bi-daily training for choreography, whatever your skill may be, setting up shows on the road, training with skilled artists, allowing you to gain experience while doing it in style aboard a vintage bus that has been decked out for life on the Playa at Burning Man.

The artists are asked to share their skills with other artists on the bus, as to allow the bus to become a knowledge-sharing education platform.

But, why?

Because life is too short to sit in an office cubicle. When opportunity knocks, just say yes and enjoy the ride.

The tour runs November – January and travels from Reno, Nevada to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with many stops along the way.