Parting words by Jasmine St-Jacques

Jasmine St Jacques will no longer be taking part of the Momentom Collective management team. Momentom Collective thanks her for her dreams and dedication to grow the collective platform. To follow her adventures, follow her here: ​@jasminouchee


I am officially announcing my exit from the Momentom Collective management train.

With every season comes lessons and I am forever learning to be a better human. Our humanness is what connect us. When we choose to be seen in our struggles, and share our story instead of hiding behind it, we invite others to create something real with us. Truth is that trying is tiring. There is a point in life where you have to let go of who you thought you wanted to be, and step into who you are. Today, I am choosing to let go of what once was so that i can step into the possibility of what is now. Universe on remix. Awaiting us to step into the biggest story our past has prepared for us.
The road to transformation isn’t meant to be easy. It also isn’t meant to be travelled alone. Which is why I thank you. Thank you so very much to all who have been part of this grandiose adventure. With me , you created ripples. And when you create a difference in someone’s life, you not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them, Throughout their entire lifetime.

Here’s to all the celebration nights, the early blissful mornings, the laughs, the tears and the experience shared. Here’s to LOVE. Here’s to Loss. Here’s to honouring, letting go and transcending. Here’s to developing the tools to find our light. Here’s to growth and expansion. Here’s to the end of a chapter.

You may follow her journey on instagram: @jasminouchee

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