“Uncle Johnny” joins the circus

We proudly announce that John Early has officially joined the management team of Momentom Collective as both a partner and shareholder – that’s right, we have incorporated the business in Nicaragua! Recent experiences have prompted the team to sit, reflect and redefine our idea of collectivity and the values we stand for as we grow […]
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Reflections from an International Circus Bus
 Roadtripping Central America with Momentom Collective // by Sincere Leigh

Post written by Sincere Leigh for Nabalo.com Every great adventure starts with an open heart. It can also be said that adventures truly begin when everything goes wrong. And honestly, those adventures may be the best of all. Let’s set the scene with life aboard a 1965 school bus. It all began with a two […]
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Parting words by Jasmine St-Jacques

Jasmine St Jacques will no longer be taking part of the Momentom Collective management team. Momentom Collective thanks her for her dreams and dedication to grow the collective platform. To follow her adventures, follow her here: ​@jasminouchee   I am officially announcing my exit from the Momentom Collective management train. With every season comes lessons […]
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