Live to Move, Move to Live by Peter Schuster

After I traveling back to Seattle after my Circus Retreat in Nicaragua and starting integrate the last week of acro-yoga, aerials, conditioning, meditation, and community, I realized an interesting underscoring of events by life.
This impetus for joining this retreat was a need to bring more movement (back) into my life, as well as expanding my movement communities. The past week was an incredible realization of that desire, both for the strong movement practices (old and new) and the new amazing Momentum Collective and VanCity Acro communities. It was a deeply inspiring spending time with incredible people who live to move, and move to live.
After the retreat finished, I had the opportunity to spend two days at the Momentum Collective’s artist residency to play and start decompressing. We all spent Sunday afternoon at Hermosa beach, giving me a final slice of sun and surf before heading to the airport in the evening. Toward the end of the afternoon I went back out into the ocean for a third time with a couple other people. Another girl and I kept swimming out farther to enjoy the bigger waves before they broke, but I eventually realized that we could no longer touch bottom and had been brought out farther than expected. The tide had started going out.
If ever there is a need to move to live, it’s swimming back to shore against the tide through crashing waves. The outgoing tide wasn’t very strong and we weren’t very far from being able to stand up and walk back to shore, so we made it back safely fairly easily, but there was still that initial realization of: “wow, we need to *move*, now.”
Sometimes we move to live in a very literal sense, but hopefully it is usually just figurative. As a friend once exclaimed when climbing a mountain, “What’s the fucking point?!” Some of us just need to move. If we don’t move, we stagnate; in movement we thrive. I can get lost in my internal spaces, drifting out in the sea of past and future, the infinite spaces of (im)possibilities. Moving brings me back to my actual self, to life, to connection.
So I move, connect, climb, jump, flip, fly, swim, flow…and live.
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