So… I joined the circus in Nicaragua // by John Early

Our resident MC, John Early joined our Artist Residency in Nicaragua for the past two months while he promoted the launch of his book, Tales of the Modern Nomad and prepared for the release of his E-Book copy. Having MC’d for the collective in the past, he knew what we were all about and fell straight into the swing of things and we quickly promoted him to “Vibe Ambassador”. This guy is nothing short of unique and perfectly fit for circus life. We were blessed to have a writer in the house to lead dharma talks on how to market yourself – a massive asset for all of the artists in the house who have been working on their personal websites and promotional material. In return, I think we gave the man some of the most inspirational content to write about! In his father’s words: “You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried”…

It’s official. 
My life is a traveling circus – literally.

I’ve spent the last two months living as host and part of the management team of the Momentom Collective Artist Residency on the outskirts of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. With morning meditation, yoga and daily workshops that include aerial silks, acro yoga, contact improv, trapeze, water tai chi…you name it, the residents create it and share their skills best they can. 

The Circus House overlooks both San Juan and Paradise Bay and is not only an incubator of creative freedom and physical expression but a fully functional community. With communal living, the residency only functions as well as the connection of all those present. This involves taking turns leading the workshops, cooking the family meals and adding value to the environment and space created on the hill.

Think Leonardo DiCaprio’s island commune from The Beach, on a good day, on a hill in Nicaragua, over looking paradise.

Momentom Collective is also highly involved with the community in San Juan del Sur with open workshops, nation wide performances, children’s circus classes and initiatives that support the local Barrio Planta Education Project. 

I was also happy to be logistics coordinator getting the team down and setup in Costa Rica to perform nightly on the international stage at this year’s Envision Festival. Read about the experience and our wild jungle circus camp HERE.

We also like to let loose as you can see from fellow resident Daniel Grozdanov’s photography below (he’s the talented mastermind behind Montreal’s Imagine 360).

So if you’re needing a break from reality to release your inner circus freak, come join us! We’ll be waiting. …with a hoola hoop and bowl of homemade peanut butter.

Feliz dia a todos!

Tu amigo,

John Early

*I’ve also accepted the manager position at Casa Horizon overlooking the immaculate Playa Escameca end of April to June. So if anyone needs a good reason to visit Nicaragua for a surf, Toña on a deserted beach or even do Yoga Teacher Training on a world class platform (Mocean Yoga is doing their renowned 3 week course in May), come say Hola!

**There’s also been a few snags with releasing a dual version eBook for my newly self-published hardcover Tales of the Modern Nomad – Monks, Mushrooms & Other Misadventures. (Drastically inflated formatting costs and limited distribution since it would be a fixed layout ebook only available via iBooks) Drop me a message if you’d be interested in an eBook, I’m curious to hear the demand. In the meantime the physical book is still available for shipping worldwide HERE. You’re support is greatly appreciated.

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