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In 6 months of the season in Nicaragua, Momentom Collective managed to run a self-sustaining artist residency, perform in over 30 shows, teach local kids in 3 community centres and 3 schools. We took part of the local Barrinche Festival and created a fire festival that essentially shut down the streets of San Juan del Sur for a spectacle of over 10 fire artists from Costa Rica, United States, Canada, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Momentom life has been more than good- it has been magical. The stuff dreams are made from!

The bedrooms of what we coined “The Circus Castle” were filled with a continuous influx of talented and exotic artists traveling from all over the world. The exchange for cheap rent and family meals was for collaboration in community projects throughout Nicaragua including some of the poorest barrios, as well as taking the limelight performing in inspiring shows all over the San Juan del Sur, Playa Maderas and Popoyo regions. Pulling together performances from a constantly evolving pool of artists from a vast range of disciplines and cultures was every bit rewarding as it was challenging, and our audiences were certainly treated to some of the most unique shows in the world. We then had the opportunity to place our talents in some of the most jaw-dropping venues in the world. We could have not imagined the results in our wildest dreams!

At the Circus Castle we shared space with the likes of…

Amy Mooflower :: Momentom CollectiveAMY ::
A very vocal slam rapper and poet with a morning greeting and smile that stuck with everyone in her path.  Joining us at Hulakai for our weekly show, Amy took the stage rapping about the importance of consciousness and stole the show.



Sincere Leigh :: Momentom COllSINCERE LEIGH ::
One incredibly sexy aerialist with a heart of gold. On a whim, she followed her heart after meeting the team at Envision Festival. She chased us across the border, she flicked her hair like no other chica on the silks, she was always there for everyone and she became a sister.



Stoyan :: Momentom CollectiveSTOYAN ::
A computer geek/wizand a skillful listener like no one I’ve ever met. business-savvy surfer who didn’t hold back on speaking his mind- even if you were a shaman.



Johnny Bungalow :: Momentom CollectiveJOHNNY BUNGALOW ::
A professional photographer who sounds like Peter Griffin and wears socks with Sandals…in Nicaragua. This guy never lost his composure and took ridiculously amazing photographs of the world around him.



John Early :: Momentom CollectiveJOHN EARLY ::
A poet, an amazing MC, and a best friend to most people who meet him. This guy is ridiculously good-looking and doesn’t even know it. Johnny supports all art and oozes consciousness. Johnny never skips the opportunity to announce to the world, loud and clear, that Momentom Collective is in the house.



Nino :: Momentom CollectiveNINO ::
A capoeira acrobat and fire spinner, jewelry designer and a father to a son with just as many dreadlocks as him. This guy made you want to have children yourself!



Tee Kay :: Momentom CollectiveTEE KAY ::
A professional actor who taught breathing and yoga with the cutest sound effects you could ever dream of. In the morning, Tom would make us put on our “invisible coats” to get into character. One of his distinguishing practices is his combination of breathing techniques to get into character- a reminder that yoga is in everything we do.


Ashley :: Momentom CollectiveASHLEY ::
Described as a sexy child, this lady giggles during ayahuasca ceremonies like she is being tickled.She’s also a puppet master, and I’m pretty sure she would watch others sleep with her puppet. Oh, and she is a foot fetish artist turned fire dragon staff artist.



Rafael :: Momentom CollectiveRAFAEL (AKA FAKIR) ::
A Venezuelan clown, fire twirler, juggler, and beer enthusiast.




Dan :: Momentom CollectiveDAN ::
A magician and a ladies man. This guy can’t go 5 minutes without doing some type magic. He carries his cards with him everywhere and has been banned from most restaurants in San Juan del Sur and Maderas for bending forks with his mind. Oh, and he makes grown men cry.




Therese Lowton :: Momentom CollectiveTHERESE ::
An angel. That’s all you need to know.




Jasmine & Mark :: Momentom CollectiveJASMINE & MARK ::
A weird ass couple who not only profoundly love each other,  but fart on each other’s face because they thought it was funny. While on set, all eyes are on these two. s they take the stage with double silks, partner acrobatics-a reminder of the immense power of union, harmony and partner work.



Pyrodanza :: Momentom CollectiveNESTOR, MANFRED, ALAN & MIGUEL ::
A team of Costa Rican fire twirlers who literally put their hats on fire. Alchemists, they were all dragons in other lives.




Lauren :: Momentom CollectiveLAUREN ::
a professional dancer who got us into training for our first big show.




Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 1.27.20 PMMARIE-EVE ::
Our non-profit director- sexy librarian who came down for a few weeks.




Dan :: Momentom CollectiveDAN GROZDANOV ::
A biophysicist and professional photographer with a knackfor creating the most profound silent moments through unexpected outbursts of outrageous remarks- usually sexual innuendos.



Nima :: Momentom CollectiveNIMA ::
A French clarinetista who showed up at the front door with her trusty clarinete. Nima never missed the opportunity to play a tune. Mornings with Nima usually included a full-blown concert from the beach. When someone gave her a compliment- she would reply “wow” and give you one of those hugs you wonder if she will ever be let go of.



Sara Di Blasso :: Momentom CollectiveSARA, SAFFRON & CHLOE ::
The ladies from Popoyo who came to the rescue for a show in Maderas. When they walked into the stage, jaws dropped. Spectacularly stunning, these women have a love for the project and circus arts and it shows in the way they perform.



Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 1.26.03 PMBRITTANY ::
This chick decided to merge highline with silks – literally taking contemporary circus to new heights. Her momentom was to constantly remind those around her of what’s important. Her positivity radiates. Her smile permeates.  A good story? Her stopping in the middle of a busy highway in the middle of the night to trespass a touring circus tent.



If having inspirational weirdos train and live with us in a castle wasn’t enough, the story also involved all-night shamanic ceremonies, sunset meditations, tarot card readings, acupuncture, massage and reiki sessions, beach bon fires with live music. Yes, the castle was a space for contemplation and love. It was the base for all of our dreams to come true and inspiration to persevere. We learned that our dreams are our own, and they take the form you give them. Following someone else’s system of operation, especially in light of its unsustainability, is ground for disillusionment. Instead, you create your own system of operation, doing only the things that make you thrive.

The next session is at our feet, and the shape will look something like festivals, refugee camps, women’s shelters and kids schools. But from this last experience, we know, that there is a fine balance between the efforts we exhaust and the trust we place in the Universe and its plan for us. Paddle out to ride the wave however big it may be, come back to your intention and trust the process.


To find out more about our artist residency, please contact us. We are always looking for new artists and fresh energy to share space with, no matter how bizarre or well refined your talent is. We will always do what we can to accommodate you.


Momentom Collective

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