A contemporary circus collective

We are a group of professional acrobats, yogis and circus freaks with a collective vision: to make yoga and circus arts accessible. We have developed a methodology based on the philosophies of yoga and circus arts to offer classes, performances, retreats, teacher trainings and humanitarian missions for disadvantaged communities.


A methodology derived from yoga and circus

We have developed a methodology based on the philosophy and movement of both yoga and circus to combine “OM” moments [introspection & mindfulness] with “UM” moments [exhiliration].

We believe that the training of the mind can redefine the perception of the capabilities of the physical body. Our methodology merges pranayama, meditation, yoga, acrobatics and circus to enhance mind-body-breath synchronicity, posture alignment and energy flow.



A social circus initiative

Project CirQus is a social initiative founded by Momentom Collective and Studio CirQus. We study and apply the positive impact that yoga and circus arts have on cognitive, social, physical and emotional well being and development and make our methodology accessible to schools and community centres in disadvantaged communities including refugee camps.


Experience Circus & Yoga in Paradise

Train your mind, body and soul in our beach-side jungle haven in Nicaragua. Momentom retreats incorporate yoga, circus, surfing, nutrition, community give-back and alternative therapies. We offer an experience tailored for self enquiry and development in mindfulness, spirituality , authenticity, transformation, emotional freedom, adventure, ecology and empowerment to reset and re-align the balance of the mind, body and soul.




An immersive Circus spectacle

Momentom Collective supports all forms and levels of performance artists from our student network, to participants in our artist residency program and right through to professional levels. We connect clients with individual acts or group performances all over the world, drawing from our collective network.


Perform and teach in paradise

Join our community of movement artists and super humans at the Momentom Artist Residency. Daily meditation, yoga, circus, skill sharing and dharma talks in a tropical location.



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